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Biomechanics: Combining Engineering Expertise With Biomedical Science

Motor Vehicle Accidents & Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

With ACTAR-accredited accident reconstructionists and advanced Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) equipment, BioEx Consulting offers comprehensive evaluation and analysis of motor vehicle accidents, ranging from low-speed collisions to complex high-speed incidents, including those involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and mass transit vehicles, enabling precise assessment of injury causation and providing essential expert testimony for litigation proceedings.

Premise Liability

With expertise in cases involving injuries attributed to defective and/or unsafe premises, our analyses can determine the force exerted on the human body to ascertain injury causation with scientific precision.

Occupational Injuries & Workers’ Compensation

Equipped with specialized skills and knowledge, our scientists and engineers conduct thorough analyses of workplace injury mechanisms, evaluating incidents such as slips, falls, equipment mishandling, and more to determine causation.

Recreational Accidents

The use of recreational vehicles includes risk factors, sometimes leading to injuries.

Safety Equipment

Examining the functionality of safety equipment, as their proper use can significantly mitigate serious injuries

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