Site & Vehicle Inspections

Documenting evidence in support of technical findings

Collection and documentation of physical evidence from an accident or accident scene provides the engineering team with a better understanding of how the accident occurred.

Inspections provide the opportunity to capture photographs and gather measurements that will ultimately be used in the final analysis when recreating an accident scenario. By collecting detailed measurements of an accident scene, the impact of errors and assumptions can be minimized in biomechanical modeling, and detailed descriptions of the relevant injury mechanisms can be provided.

For premise liability claims, this may include the evaluation and measurement of tripping hazards, unsafe and/or unstable walking and stairway surfaces, inadequate railings/guards, and height, weight, and dimensional data of falling objects.

In claims related to motor vehicle accidents, damage to vehicles is evaluated and documented, scene and roadway evidence is gathered, and EDR data can be pulled and analyzed.

Timing of an inspection can be important, because in some cases evidence becomes less readily available as time passes; vehicles are repaired, surveillance videos are wiped, EDR data overwritten, roadway evidence fades, and construction areas are rapidly changing. Physical inspection of evidence can result in a more robust Biomechanical Injury Analysis.

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Biomechanical Injury Analysis

Our expert bioengineers utilize biomechanics to rigorously assess claimed injuries, determining their correlation with specific incidents and providing invaluable insight for litigation proceedings.

Accident Reconstruction

With the use of engineering principles and physical evidence, our team’s scientific approach allows us to determine how an accident happened while quantifying its severity.

Crash Data Retrieval & Analysis

Using the Bosch CDR tool, our team has the capability and training to extract, preserve, and analyze Event Data Recorder (EDR) information.

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