Motor Vehicle Accidents & Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

Expert Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

With ACTAR-accredited accident reconstructionists and advanced Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) equipment, BioEx Consulting offers comprehensive evaluation and analysis of motor vehicle accidents, enabling precise assessment of injury causation and providing essential expert testimony for litigation proceedings.

BioEx Consulting’s accident reconstructionists are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR), and have the qualifications, experience, and expertise required to evaluate motor vehicle accidents of all scenarios. Our industry experts continuously undergo focused training in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction. We have the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) equipment necessary to pull Event Data Recorder (EDR) information and analyze the data.

Following reconstruction, vehicle occupant motions can be assessed based on the determined severity of the incident and the laws of physics. Our bioengineers assess the possible interactions between the vehicle’s occupants and interior vehicle structures. The forces and loads acting on vehicle occupants, as calculated during the accident analysis, are compared to data available from biomechanical literature. This literature includes crash tests and research studies of human body mechanics and tissue tolerance. An evaluation is then performed to determine if the motions and forces experienced by a vehicle occupant during a subject incident could be related to his or her alleged injuries.

In any personal injury case, it must be determined if the alleged pathologies were a direct result of the incident.  Our experts are called upon during litigation proceedings to provide this analysis and testify regarding the causal relationship between the claimed injury and the subject incident.

Passenger Vehicle and Motorcycle Accidents

Our experts have the tools and knowledge required to analyze both high speed and low speed automobile collisions involving passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

Low Speed Accidents:

The majority of motor vehicle accidents occur at low speeds, and can include more than two vehicles, or a vehicle and a stationary component. BioEx Consulting engineers specialize in the analysis and reconstruction of these crashes to quantify the severity of the incident in terms of velocity and/or acceleration changes of a vehicle.

High Speed Accidents:

High speed automobile accidents require more complex analyses, as they generally involve more variables. Evidence obtained at the accident scene is critical in performing the most robust analysis. Parameters such as roll-over, ejection, air bag deployment, occupant interaction with vehicular structures, and restraint system forces are all taken into consideration when assessing injury causation.

Commercial and Mass Transit Vehicle Accidents

BioEx Consulting analyzes and reconstructs accidents involving tractor-trailers and mass transit, high occupancy vehicles. 


BioEx Consulting has analyzed numerous accidents involving large commercial vehicles. These accidents are typically between the commercial vehicle (tractor-trailer, box truck, back hoe, etc.) and a smaller passenger vehicle due to size and visual differences present in the larger vehicle.

Mass Transit:

High occupancy vehicles (busses, trains, trolleys) possess the challenge of unconventional seating arrangements, many times without the option of a restraint (seat belt). Additionally, interactions between occupants must also be considered in a vehicle accident.  BioEx Consulting is experienced in cases involving these vehicles and is able to determine if the mechanism of injury was present in a particular incident.

Our Services

Expert Services Tailored To Your Needs

Biomechanical Injury Analysis

Our expert bioengineers utilize biomechanics to rigorously assess claimed injuries, determining their correlation with specific incidents and providing invaluable insight for litigation proceedings.

Accident Reconstruction

With the use of engineering principles and physical evidence, our team’s scientific approach allows us to determine how an accident happened while quantifying its severity.

Crash Data Retrieval & Analysis

Using the Bosch CDR tool, our team has the capability and training to extract, preserve, and analyze Event Data Recorder (EDR) information.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony from professionals adept at clearly articulating complex technical findings, providing essential support for legal cases both in preparation and during trial proceedings.

Graphics & Exhibits

Producing detailed courtroom graphics to vividly illustrate accident analyses and support expert conclusions, making complex scientific and engineering principles accessible and understandable.

Site & Vehicle Inspections

For some accidents, physical evidence and scene inspections are crucial for gathering key measurements and photographs, enabling a more robust and accurate reconstruction of accident scenarios.

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