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Expert testimony from professionals adept at clearly articulating complex technical findings, providing essential support for legal cases both in preparation and during trial proceedings.

The engineering experts at BioEx Consulting are seasoned in testifying in the court of law. We have the experience in clearly and concisely explaining technical findings and conclusions to a non-technical audience in a manner that is understood. While building your case, allow our expertise in accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics to provide you with a full analysis.  Should this case go to trial, you will already have the highly credentialed Expert Witness to provide a key testimony in support of your case.

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Biomechanical Injury Analysis

Our expert bioengineers utilize biomechanics to rigorously assess claimed injuries, determining their correlation with specific incidents and providing invaluable insight for litigation proceedings.

Accident Reconstruction

With the use of engineering principles and physical evidence, our team’s scientific approach allows us to determine how an accident happened while quantifying its severity.

Crash Data Retrieval & Analysis

Using the Bosch CDR tool, our team has the capability and training to extract, preserve, and analyze Event Data Recorder (EDR) information.

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